Your Data, Reporting & Analytics In One Platform

Zeenk helps the Verishop Brand Community make better business decisions by centralizing all your data, reporting and analytics in one place and giving you deeper insights on your customers’ performance and profitability.

Includes sales and marketing channels like Shopify, Facebook, Google, TikTok, Klayvio, etc.

Spend less time creating spreadsheets and more time taking action on your business insights!

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25% off of Rate Card!

$112.50 per month ($56.25 per seat/mo. with 2 seat minimum)

First 30 Days Free!

Features Included

Monthly analysis of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), Churn Probability.

Centralized dashboard reporting from your e-commerce store (1)

Centralized dashboard reporting from marketing channels (all available)

Pre-built campaign reports and analytics

Interactive pivot tables for easy building of customized reports

Onboarding assistance, one-on-one training and customer success resources

Getting Started Is Easy!

1. Your Data Is Gathered And Centralized

Zeenk seamlessly extracts your data, campaign metrics, etc. from your sales and marketing channels and pushes into the Zeenk platform.

2. Your Dashboard Reporting Is Customized And Set Up

Our team walks you through your available pre-built reporting and shows you how to easily customize and create new reports.

3. Your Reporting and Analytics Is Ready!

Your campaign reports and analytics are ready in your dashboard and auto-refreshed regularly, your customer analysis is delivered at the end of your 30 days, and our representatives for all Verishop brands are available to provide any assistance.

“Zeenk’s platform gives us the ability to segment customer and audience data how we need it, when we need it.”

Matt Pacheco, Thrasio Head of Direct to Consumer

“Zeenk’s solution helps us better understand our unique customers and analyze their behavior in order make decisions to retain customers and drive additional profit.”

Leo Carillo III, CEO & Co-Founder, Hair Craft Co.

“Zeenk’s Contribution Profit Analytics product provides the type of real-time analysis companies like ours need. ”

Len Braudis, Founder and CEO of Stackry and Optima Overnight