Custom Advertising Reporting and Analytics

Zeenk is a customizable data analytics platform for advertising agencies. Use our custom reporting and analytics solution or integrate it with your own system via our data API. Save time and effort by eliminating the need for spreadsheets, custom queries, and data warehouses.

Analytics Solution for Ad Agencies

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Trusted by Agencies and Brands Including:

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Case Study

“Do DTC Ad Campaigns Drive Branded Search And Sales on Amazon?”

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Built for Agencies

Visual of Zeenk capabilities showing campaign performance and custom analytics examples.

Custom Client Data Analytics

Zeenk understands and supports the complex needs of performance advertising agencies.

With Zeenk you can:

  • Manage multiple client accounts
  • Generate reports for cross-functional teams
  • View brand-specific and cross-brand reports and insights
  • Connect mixed brand and multi-source data
  • Attribute third party marketing channel performance to web and app activity

Target and Retain the Best Customers

Improve retention and acquisition strategies by utilizing Zeenk’s predictions of churn, lifetime value, and cost of acquisition. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts, increase customer lifetime value and reduce customer acquisition costs. Leverage Zeenk to create custom predictive analytics reports that help you and your clients.

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose the best deployment option for your agency with Zeenk: use our hosted environment, or host your own instance with the help of our development team. Whichever you choose, you’ll receive training and support to ensure success for you and your clients.

“Zeenk’s platform gives us the ability to segment customer and audience data how we need it, when we need it.”

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