Customer Centric Data Analytics For eCommerce

Zeenk is the first customer centric data analytics solution built for DTCs, eCommerce brands, and your agencies. We analyze and predict the lifetime value and behavior of your customers and empower you to leverage these insights to optimize your marketing tactics to retain your best customers and acquire more like them.

Acquire Better Customers At Scale!

“Do DTC Ad Campaigns Drive Branded Search And Sales on Amazon?”

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Find Your Best Customers

Optimize Your Campaigns Against Customer Value

We provide detailed reports to help you easily identify the key attributes of your most profitable customers and then enable you to leverage these key insights across your marketing channels to optimize your retention and acquisition campaigns against your best customers.

Analyze And Predict Customer Lifetime Value

Our powerful analytics solution accurately measures and predicts the performance, profitability and behavior of each of your customers. Our analysis includes customer lifetime value (CLV) prediction, contribution profit analysis, customer acquisition costs (CAC) analysis, customer retention probability, etc.

Graphic depiction of analytics dashboard

Connect Your Data And Activate Zeenk

Zeenk seamlessly extracts data from your key sales and marketing channels and loads it onto our platform to enable streamlined reporting and prepare your data for our customer-level analysis.

“Zeenk’s platform gives us the ability to segment customer and audience data how we need it, when we need it. It also enables us to examine performance and segmentation so we can adjust our approach.”

Matt Pacheco, Thrasio Head of Direct To Consumer