An Analytics Solution Made For DTC Brands

Today’s Direct to Consumer (DTC) market is highly competitive.  Zeenk’s mission is to provide e-commerce brands with an analytics solution that will better equip you to succeed in this dynamic environment.  We solve our partners’ immediate reporting needs today, while also making sure you have access to the analytics and data science you need to meet the challenges of tomorrow so you can have a bright future.

Solve Today. Build Your Tomorrow.

Join the growing list of brands optimizing with Zeenk.

Centralized data and reporting

Zeenk will immediately help you streamline your reporting and save you hours of time.  With our robust app connections your sales and marketing data can be seamlessly ingested into the Zeenk platform where your teams will be set up with easy-to-use, and customizable, reporting dashboards so you can access all your key metrics in seconds.

Customer Lifetime Value Performance

We will walk your teams through the key customer metrics available in your dashboard that impact your business performance.  We will help measure your customers’ value lifetime, churn rates, cost acquisition costs (CAC) and give you the insights you need to optimize your strategy to improve.

Analytics And Data Science Expertise

Our mission is to ensure that DTC brands have the resources they need to succeed.  We will collaborate with your teams to understand your specific needs and make sure you have the analytics and data science capabilities necessary to meet your business challenges in this dynamic market.