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Zeenk Launches Out of Stealth to Deliver Customer Centric Analytics to Direct to Consumer Brands 

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands now have a solution to help them better address recent market headwinds and continue to grow their Shopify business .  That’s thanks to the launch of Zeenk, a uniquely customer centric analytics solution that profiles and segments customers to enable brands to optimize their customers’ long-term value and find the best customers.  The company is launching from stealth mode and currently supporting a number of DTC brands selling on Shopify as their primary channel. 

The direct seller business, driven by the growth of third-party e-commerce channels and powerful self-service commerce platforms, has grown explosively in the last 5 years. Recent market headwinds such as rising ad costs and IOS tracking issues have increased the challenges for e-commerce brands.  Zeenk’s powerful, customer centric analytics solution provides DTC brands with predictive analytics, and exploratory data analytics, that enables them to optimize their entire ecommerce strategy and empowers them to address current and future market challenges.

“Ecommerce brands face enormous challenges in today’s environment,” said Thrasio Head of Direct to Consumer Matt Pacheco. “Ad prices are going up, while the ability to measure the effectiveness of those ads is going down. Native reporting on its own is not sufficient in understanding things like attribution or lifetime value analysis. Zeenk’s platform gives us the ability to segment customer and audience data how we need it, when we need it. It also enables us to examine performance and segmentation in different ways so we can adjust our approach to achieve scale.”

“Most analytic solutions for DTCs provide reports through a media lens because their main objective is to optimize ads. These tools are helpful, but they don’t scale and don’t provide the level of flexibility that is needed to really understand customers and tactics.” says Brian Eberman, CEO of Zeenk.   “A brands’ financial performance is not just driven by their media channels, it’s driven by the lifetime value of their customers and all the levers that influence that.  Zeenk is a customer centric analytic solution for Shopify Sellers that empowers them to optimize their entire ecommerce strategy – their acquisition channels, retention strategy, merchandising, messaging, etc.”

Zeenk uses app connectors to ingest DTC’s data from their sales and marketing channels, such as Shopify, Amazon, Facebook, Klayvio, Google, etc. and provides customizable reporting and analytics in a centralized dashboard.  Uniquely, the platform leverages CDP capabilities to analyze data at the customer level to create more precise segments based on lifetime value.  Further, using a proprietary Time Query Language (TQL) and Caumos casual modeling package the platform plots outcomes at an accelerated pace to predict customer value and identify potential high value targets. 

Zeenk’s analytics technology was developed within the walls of Nanigans, a top social media buying platform used by the largest direct response advertisers on Facebook. In October 2021, the company began developing a unique stand-alone solution that would provide ecommerce brands analytics and data science that could be flexible and scale as their business grows.  Eberman was brought onboard as CEO to lead the company’s strategy.

Originally launched as an exclusive BETA program in Q4 of last year, Zeenk is already supporting a growing number of DTC brands including Thrasio’s Angry Orange, California Beach Company, and Perfect Practice, in addition to a number of privately owned brands such as Haircraft and Stackry.   

About Zeenk

Solve Today.  Build your tomorrow.  Zeenk provides DTC brands a customer-centric ecommerce analytics solution that scales with the growth of your business. We gather the data from your e-commerce and marketing channels and simplify your reporting through a flexible analytical interface.  More uniquely, we provide customer centric analytics helping you segment and engage with the right customers for your brand. Zeenk enables you to comprehend a broader set of attributes that drive customer value and empowers you to optimize your entire ecommerce strategy – advertising, retention, merchandising, messaging, etc – so you can grow your business and have a bright future.