Podcast: Brian Eberman Joins Host, Nick Fredrick, On “Subscriptions: Scaled”

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Next on his podcast tour Brian Eberman stops in to join “Subscriptions: Scaled” show with host, Nick Fredrick, to discuss the customer centric approach and leveraging customer lifetime value (CLV) predictions to optimize your subscription business.

Listen to full episode here.

Topics Included In This Discussion

  • How companies can align customer lifetime value with their costs structure to grow their profit
  • Use case on how one product manager used customer lifetime value (CLV) analytics to improve their marketing and merchandising strategies
  • How to predict the churn probability of your customers and leverage to better retain them
  • The causal relationship between Amazon and DTC channels – how DTC campaigns drive Amazon branded searches and sales
Quote from Brian Eberman on Subscription Scaled podcast about the aligning the value of customer to cost structure
Q&A excerpt from Subscription Scaled podcast between host Nick Fredrick and guest Brian Eberman about how product managers use lifetime value to improve marketing and merchandising

Note: Episode transcription not available at this time