Zeenk Support and Delivery

Zeenk offers comprehensive onboarding and training for all users, as well as a dedicated Slack channel for each customer. Our customer success team will work with you to ensure that you are fully trained on how to use our reporting solution, including adding information to your dashboard, configuring custom reports, and leveraging customer-centric analytics insights. With Zeenk, you can be confident that you have the support and resources you need to succeed.

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Visual of data flow into Zeenk

Delivery Options

Zeenk provides a hosted, multi-tenant, configurable platform where Zeenk will manage your data integrations, securely store two years of data, and meet all GDPR requirements. This model supports API integration for extended reporting and custom customer data integration.

Under a customer hosted model, Zeenk will setup, deploy, and manage a separate AWS and Snowflake instance for your data. You may utilize your own Snowflake instance if you already have one in place. Zeenk will manage availability, performance, and security of the data within the AWS instance along with your corporate IT staff.

Custom Development

For the ultimate level of flexibility, the Zeenk platform is available to be installed on an AWS instance and Zeenk will work with your team to extend the available APIs and data integrations to meet the needs of your specific business. Customers with very specific data ingestion requirements or who need an integrated data warehouse are a good match for this delivery model.

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Visual of Zeenk dashboard and charts.

Support and Training

Our success staff and data scientists are here to train, support, and provide analytical support to help you drive success with your customers. Our success staff will help configure specific reports, manage custom requirements, and train your staff on the use of the Zeenk platform  Our data science can update our base CLV, churn, CAC, and attribution models to fit the specific needs of your customer’s business so you can drive improved marketing results.

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“Zeenk’s product provides the type of real-time analysis companies like ours need. ”

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