Never overpay with Zeenk.  With a customizable feature set and flexible pricing model you can select the program that best fits your organization’s needs today and scales as your business grows.  Contact us to discuss which program is optimal for you. 

Starter Growth Enterprise
“Right now we are only interested in centralizing our data and all reporting in Zeenk’s easy-to-use dashboards.” “In addition to the starter package, we need additional help with data analysis and recommendations.” “An organization our size needs a data operating system with expert support to help us optimize the performance of all our brands at scale.”
Starting at $75/seat/mo. (< 5 seats) Starting at $90/seat/mo. (< 50 seats) Contact Us (50+ seats)
1 e-commerce site 1 e-commerce site Multiple e-commerce sites and/or multiple brands in one site
Pre-built reporting, with customizable pivots Pre-built reporting, with customizable pivots Pre-built reporting, with customizable pivots
All channels, except Amazon Includes Amazon All channels + custom channels
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) analysis by month Starter package with recommended segmentation based on customer attributes and action plans Pro package with the addition of custom signals for CLV analysis
Training Training, Customer success representative, email and Slack support channel Training, dedicated customer success representative, dedicated email and Slack support channel

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