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Amazon Publishes Zeenk and Thrasio Case Study Illustrating Today’s Omni-channel Consumer

Read the case study in the Amazon Advertising Case Study Library.

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2022 – Amazon Advertising recently published Zeenk and Thrasio’s case study to their Case Study Library.

The case study covers a 2020 “Halo Study” executed by Zeenk at the request of Thrasio which was designed to quantify the causal relationship between their DTC advertising on Facebook and their impact on branded keyword searches and sales on Amazon.  

Using the power of the Amazon Ads API, Zeenk developed the unique halo study with a mechanism that examined the relationship between impressions from off-Amazon advertising channels to clicks by keyword on Amazon and resulting sales.

The Halo study enabled Thrasio to measure the causal relationship between their marketing and their sales channels- enabling them to better understand the influence each channel has in the customer journey.

Channels do not perform in a vacuum. To truly optimize your brand’s performance, it’s important that your organization understands the causal relationships between all of your channels,” said Matt Pacheco, head of DTC, Thrasio