Custom Data Integrations

Still using multiple spreadsheets, Google Sheets, Looker Studio, or others? Start saving time with one unified view of all your data with our standard and custom data integration capabilities.

Zeenk Platform Custom Data Integration

“Companies do not have the resources to pull the data and configure the information.”

MediaPost June 2022

Supported Integrations

Businesses gain a comprehensive view of their advertising and marketing efforts across multiple channels. Zeenk works with Airbyte and can support any of the hundreds of Airbyte connectors. In addition, we have several key additional channels:

  • The TradeDesk
  • Amazon Sales
  • Amazon DSP

If you need to go beyond those hundreds of connectors – we also support a custom advertising data feed that will support any type of data.

Visual depicting the multiple channels Zeenk integrates with

Custom Data Integration Example

Advertising data platforms need to incorporate custom data. Zeenk makes this easy – no need to stand up your own database, build your own ETL, and manage a data warehousing system. Feed your custom data into Zeenk and it will be merged with pulled third party data to enrich your data model.

Visual depicting example of custom data integrations
Example of custom data integration.

Use Zeenk Reporting or Connect Your Own

Zeenk uses smart transformation layers to provide powerful pivot and cohort reporting as if all of your data was in one large spreadsheet. Interactively explore your data. Use Zeenk’s robust suite of metrics, add custom customer data, create custom metrics, store and share dashboards, and build custom charts and reports.

Zeenk’s reporting interface is complemented by our data API for use in other tools like Google Looker Studio, Tableau, or integration with your data systems.

Visual of Zeenk dashboard and charts.

Configurable Reporting

Zeenk provides analytical reports to get you started with key insights. This includes reporting across major advertising channels and within advertising channels.

Expand this power by building a dashboard using your custom information and metrics to match the needs of your customers and illustrate your advertising strategies. 

Visual representing looking at different data sources for ad performance.

Custom Metrics

Zeenk understands that every business has unique ways of measuring the success of campaigns and user engagement. That’s why it offers the flexibility to define custom metrics that align with a business’ specific needs.

For example, some customers use this capability to create their own definition of registration and future customer value.

Use custom metrics to track conversions across different stages of the funnel, such as tracking the percentage of registered users who make a purchase within a week.

Visual of custom metrics available for Zeenk reporting

Data API

The Zeenk Data API provides authorized access to all aggregated and user interaction data. Zeenk manages users, customers, and decisions on who has access to what information. You can get server-to-server access or have different users get access to different data.

Agency Support

Zeenk provides agencies with distinct accounts and users for their customers. Reports and integrations can be individually tailored providing unique insights combined with central management.

With Zeenk, agencies can view all their client account data in one place.

  • User Management to support multiple users and clients
    • Segmented access by user
    • Manage multiple clients 
    • Share reports with clients
  • Manage across the agency
    • Budget and performance across clients
    • Performance by channel within or across clients
    • Performance by agency manager
Visual depiction of analytics support for agencies

Zeenk Technology

Zeenk’s analytics technology started at Nanigans, a leading Facebook buying platform that optimized over $700 million in Facebook media annually. Some of the biggest names in social advertising used Nanigans to manage their advertising.

Today Zeenk provides a comprehensive view of digital advertising and sales channel performance in one customizable dashboard as a trusted analytics solution.

Visual of data flowing