Optimize campaigns against your best customers

If 2 separate customers each cost you $10 to acquire, but customer A will spend $200 in 12 months, while customer B will only spend $20 – then why are you optimizing your campaigns towards an average CPA? There is no “average” customer. Zeenk empowers brands to optimize your marketing spend against your most profitable customers so you can grow your business the right way.

Visual of customer data

Create Audience Targets Based on Your Best Customers

Our platform segments your customers based on their projected CLV and identifies your most profitable customers. We can then push these segments into your key ad channels, like Facebook and Google, where we can use their native tools to create “look-a-like” targets based on these optimal customers.

We then help you align customer value with your cost per acquired customer (CAC) to make sure you pay the right price for the right customer.

Auto-Optimize Campaigns Based On Customer Value

Zeenk’s solution can leverage our proprietary CLV prediction model to create an “optimization signal” that can feedback audience information back to your ad channels. These channels can then use this data to adjust their audience targeting and their bid strategy to find you the best potential customers.

Image of Google, Facebook, Tiktok performance