“Companies do not have the resources to pull the data and configure the information. Zeenk aims to support multiple channels and complex environments that make it difficult to make sense of the data.”

MediaPost June 2022

Centralized Reporting And Analytics

Zeenk gives you instant access to key customer data, campaigns metrics and financial performance in one place. Access your ecommerce analytics instantly from channels like Shopify, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Klayvio and more. Use our customer centric analytics to find insights to optimize your customers, channels and business performance.

Screeshot of Zeenk UI and dashboard
Graph visual to show example of Zeenk CLV Analysis

Customer Lifetime Value Analytics

Using proprietary data science models and our causal modeling technology, Zeenk can accurately measure and forecast customer-level lifetime value (CLV). Identify which of your customers will be the most profitable and continue to nurture the relationship or build models to duplicate. Even more, predict which customers may spend less than the cost to acquire them and try to increase their value and avoid these prospects in the future.

Retention and Churn Probability Analysis

Your customers’ churn rate impacts their future value to your company. Zeenk analyzes the attributes of each customer to predict their churn probability and empowers you to connects these insights to your marketing programs to improve retention rates.

Graphic image of Zeenk's Churn Probability Analysis
Image of Zeenk's Profitability Analysis by Product

Product Profitability Analysis

Our analysis measures and forecast the profitability and performance of each of your brands and products. See which of your products are driving CLV and contribution profit so you can adjust your portfolio’s offer, merchandising strategy, advertising, etc.

Accurate Ad Tracking & Reporting

Zeenk can help you restore the ad tracking lost by iOS recent changes. Connect your unattributed sales back to your marketing spend. Make more informed optimization decisions to improve CAC and the quality of new customers.

Graphic depiction of restore ad tracking of Facebook campaigns impacted by iOS

“Zeenk’s solution helps us better understand our unique customers and analyze their behavior in order make decisions to retain customers and drive additional revenue/profit.”

Leo Carillo III, CEO & Co-Founder, Hair Craft Co.