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Learn how customer-centric analytics can grow your profits.

Zeenk can help you optimize your e-commerce business against your best customers and grow your profits!

Customer-Centric Approach

Stop measuring and optimizing your e-commerce business against financial metrics like CPA and CAC that will lead to missed opportunities and lower profits.

Start optimizing your marketing spend against customer value so you can retain more of your higher value customers, acquire new customers that are more profitable, and help your organization achieve long term financial success.

We can show you how

See for yourself why countless brands, trust Zeenk’s Customer-Centric analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution to optimize their business and marketing performance.

“Understanding exactly how much profit we’re making per customer and how our marketing creates a return on these metrics in different regions is very important to us.”

Headshot of Len Braudis, Founder and CEO of Stackry and Optima Overnight
Len Braudis, Founder and CEO of Stackry and Optima Overnight
Visual of customer centric analytics highlighting profitability by customer.

Customer Centric Analytics

We have deep data science experience in attribution, incrementality, and customer modeling for measurement and prediction. We use proprietary data models to forecast CLV, contribution profit, and churn probability for customers, products, and channels in various business models, including product purchase, subscriptions, mixed subscriptions and purchases, and lead businesses.

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