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Delivering actionable analytics for the 21st-century consumer economy.

Our Story

While working on social advertising for some of the largest consumer companies in the world, we noticed how hard it is for consumer companies to make sense of all the data they need to compete.  

We started Zeenk to give third-party sellers the self-service solutions they need to process data at speed. Based on the business intelligence and data science tools developed at Nanigans, our SAAS platform makes it easy for consumer brands to report — and act — on valuable data gathered from a range of advertising tools and e-commerce channels. So you can make informed and actionable decisions to deliver higher profits.  

You already know how critical it is to understand how advertising, reviews, and product changes impact long-term performance when selling on Shopify and Amazon. Now with Zeenk, your brand can also analyze full performance across channels, without significant data wrangling and data science resources.

Meet The Team

Brian Cormier

Work motto:

“Proper planning prevents poor performance.” – My 10th grade Accounting teacher

Claude Denton

Work motto:

“It rains when my umbrella is open.”

Brian Eberman

Favorite thing about Zeenk:

“The amazing team just gets it done with minimal overhead and lots of creativity.”

Brent Falk

Work motto:

“If you have to do it more than once, it should be a script.”

William Fergus

Fun fact:

“I have pet rabbits and play board games!”

Andrew Groh

Favorite hobby:

“I build wooden boats”

Tor Johnson

Zach Kozick

Ethan Langer

Chen Lin

Favorite hobbies:

“When I’m not solving complex problems for clients, I’m testing new recipes or hiking trails across beautiful New England.”

Sean Maguire

Work motto:

“Life is too short to remove USB safely.”

Dana Popkave

Fun fact:

“I was a ski instructor before I decided to become a lawyer.”

Vasya Selsov

Work motto:

“Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.” – Richard Feynman

James Van Alen

Fun fact:

“While taking a break from college, I spent time as the art, theatre, and movie critic for a newspaper on the island of Cyprus.”

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