About Zeenk.

Zeenk is a new type of custom analytics solution made for DTC and ecommerce business owners focusing on growing revenue with data backed digital marketing strategies.

Zeenk’s original technology was built within the walls of Nanigans – a leading social media buying platform that used advanced analytics and machine learning to auto-optimize over $700M in annual ad spending for some of the largest direct response brands. After securing an investment from Thrasio, the company was reimagined as Zeenk. Read the full Zeenk Press Release.

Today Zeenk provides a comprehensive view of digital advertising and sales channel performance in one customizable dashboard as a trusted analytics solution. Zeenk has the power to connect meaningful metrics from multiple sources including Shopify, other ecommerce websites, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Klaviyo, and more.

By being part of the Amazon Ads Partner Network, Zeenk can deliver data science-based insights to assist ecommerce business leaders and marketing teams. Zeenk is the best source for optimizing advertising and sales performance on Amazon.

With Zeenk’s analytics solution, brands can grow their DTC ecommerce business by quickly and seamlessly identifying opportunities to increase ROAS, increase customer LTV, decrease CAC, and ultimately increase revenue.

Want to know if an ad campaign or pricing change actually caused revenue to go up? To determine the causal effect of your decisions, you need to model the alternative choices. Zeenk provides Time Query Language (TQL) and open source Causmos library to radically reduce modeling time. So while others are struggling with the expensive process of developing even a single causal model, Zeenk enables teams to carry out multiple studies to support decisions at a reasonable level of effort.

At Zeenk, our mission is to provide ecommerce brands with access to the reporting, analytics and data science they need to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. Reach out to see what your custom analytics solution could look like today for a more profitable tomorrow.

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Zeenk's analytics solution is quickly accessible on any device including the pictured tablet.


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